What is Shared Lives and who is it for?

Shared Lives are for people who need support and want to live in a family home environment as possibly not yet ready to live independently.

It is a fantastic alternative to other forms of care, like residential care homes or supported living where you will be included as part of a family, It is often described as a bit like foster care – but for adults.

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Our shared lives Carers will support you to develop your skills, work towards your goals and to be more independent.

You will be carefully matched with our Shared Lives Carers where you could stay on respite, short breaks or long term. This will be your decision.

Who is Shared Lives for?

If you are 18 and would need some support to be independent as possible to achieve this Shared Lives could be the best option for you.

Whatever your needs are, we make sure your care is tailored to you, so we can support you to live the way you want to. We support individuals with range of needs such as:

  • Physical disability
  • Learning disability
  • Autism
  • Mental health
  • Dementia
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