What is it like living in Shared Lives household

What is it like using our service and living with our Shared Lives Carers?

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Join Us for an 'About Me Plan' Session

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Crafting Your Personal Profile

We will meet with you to complete your `About me Plan`. This detailed plan is all about you which will help us to learn about your preferred location, your personality, interest, your cultural background and your social opportunities. This plan will be shared with our Shared Lives Carer.

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Connecting You with a Shared Lives Carer

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Your Perfect Match

We will match and introduce you with a Shared Lives Carer who might be right for you and we will help you to meet them to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the placement.

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Meeting Potential Matches

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Your Journey to the Perfect Placement

We will support you to find the right placement for you, so you may need to meet different people before we find the right one for you.
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Regular Respite Breaks and Long-Term Placement

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Your Path to Peace and Comfort

Once we have identified a suitable Carer for you we will start organising regular respite breaks for you or to move in long term.

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Regular Visits from Your Project Worker

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Ensuring Your Happiness

Your project worker will visit you regularly to ensure you are happy with the placement.

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Collaborating with Your Project Worker in Shared Lives

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Nurturing Your Aspirations

You will have your own bedroom and will be able to use the communal areas in the home.

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Setting Goals and Preferences with Your Project Worker

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Designing Your Shared Lives Experience

Your project worker will support you to identify your goals, preferences, wishes and how you would like to live your live within the Shared Lives household.

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Support for Maintaining Relationships with Loved Ones

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Staying Connected

You will be supported to keep in touch with your family, friends who are important to you.

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Learning New Skills with Your Carer

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Empowering Independence

You will be able to learn new things with your Carer such as cooking, cleaning, washing, managing your own money to develop your independent skills.