How Shared Lives can help you

Shared lives aim to enable people with a disability to experience ordinary life, with real relationships rather than receive a service.

If you are looking for living in a family environment for respite or short or long term, have you considered Shared Lives?

Family sat at fountain in front of Walt Disney Studios

If you’re interested in living in a Shared Lives Placement or having Respite with Shared Lives you will need to talk to your social worker to see if you would be eligible. Your social worker will be able to make a referral to the service on your behalf.

Once we have received your referral form,  we will visit you at home to discuss our service further. We will let you know if our service could meet your identified needs and preferences.

Here we are introducing Heather, Mark, and Rebecca enjoying their holiday in Disneyland Paris. Being part of their carer`s family enables them to be involved in regular family holidays. Heather, Mark, and Rebecca were looking forward to experiencing the magic in Disneyland and they had a lovely time and much fun was had by all!

Living with a Shared Lives family you will have the opportunity to have new experiences, choices, and a chance to explore your wishes and future goals.