What do Shared Lives Carers say about the role?

We know the role is a rewarding one, but don’t take our word for it, here is what some Shared Lives Carers have said recently about why they enjoy the job.

Couple named Jenny and Mike smiling

Jenny and Mike Williams

Shared Lives has been an amazing experience for us. Taking an individual in and making them part of the family is such a rewarding experience.  To be able to give someone the opportunity of a safe and loving home, while enabling them access to the community and the clubs and events on offer, has been the most rewarding thing for the both of us.

Photo of Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett

I think shared lives is the best scheme in the world as the service users get to live in a family environment the family get to earn a wage whilst welcoming in more people into their lives but most of all my son who is now 13 has a better understanding of a learning disability than most adult do as we have had our guys living with us for the past 9 years.