How much could I get paid

Our Shared Lives Carers are self-employed and receive a fee, paid monthly via the Local Authority. Our Carers are not employees of the scheme. More about this is explained when you go through our application process.

The fees we pay depend on:

  • What sort of service you offer sessional support, short breaks, respite and long-term arrangements

  • How many Individual you support

  • What level of support your provide

£400 to £570.43 per week*

*Shared Lives Carers providing long term, short break and respite accommodation usually receive between £400 to £570.43 per week (£57.14 to £81.49 per night) per person.

Additional support is between

£12.16 and £16.21 per hour

HMRC makes certain payments tax-free which can make all the difference financially