Benefits of becoming a Shared Lives Carer

Shared Lives is a well-established and growing service along with all other Shared Lives Schemes within the UK.

Although Shared Lives services cannot guarantee continuous ‘work’, Shared Lives income is often very stable, comparable to fostering, with many Shared Lives Carers having a track record of receiving a regular payment for one or more individuals living with them or visiting them regularly for many years and even decades.

Happy family. Loving mother, Grandmother and two daughters

Shared Lives Carers are paid a weekly fee to support someone living with them long term, this includes a contribution towards accommodation and household costs, such as food and utilities.

As with any social care service, each individual has the right to change their choices at any time, which means that income cannot be contractually guaranteed, but the stability of income can be greater than other kinds of support work.

Being a Shared Lives Carer is so much more than a job, it becomes a way of life and there are so many big benefits.

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Earn whilst working from home. There is no commute

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It’s a rewarding role and you will see the Individual live their best life and flourish under your support. You will help someone to maintain and grow their independence.

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Friendships and bonds. You will be able to form friendships and bond with the Individuals and other Shared Lives Carers.

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You will be able to develop your own skills and knowledge with our training package and also will have opportunities to access our specialised training, depending on the needs of the person you are supporting.

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Tax breaks are available. Shared Lives Carers can get generous tax break.

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If providing long-term support to an individual, you are entitled to have a paid break.

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Opportunities to support individuals on holiday.